The Struggle for Civil Rights, 1948-1976

Teaching the Struggle for Civil Rights, 1848-1976

Editor and Contributor:  Whitney G. Blankenship                                                                                                                                                                          Contributors:  Jayne R. Beilke, Ellen Bigler, Christopher L. Busey, Robert Cvornyek, Kristen E. Duncan. Chaddrick Galloway, Brian Gibbs, Gary A. Homana, ArCasia James, LaGarrett J. King, Paul D. Mencke, John A. Moore, Phonsia Nie, Caroline R. Pryor, Noreen Naseem Rodriguez, Cinthia S. Salinas, and Amanda E. Vickery.

Publisher:  New York, Peter Lang, 2018

This volume provides readers with critical content knowledge of lesser-known figures and events in the 20th century Civil Rights Movement. Traditional civil rights narratives are expanded through the use of an intersectional lens within historical analysis essays that provide additional context to the larger civil rights movement of the period.